Build your army of ants, defeat enemies, increase your skills and survive..


Use your mouse to move your army, or capture an ant.

game made for mini jam, with thematic (micro), with limitation of 2 colors by sprite


Game design - Jefesson Nunes

Soundtrack - Thiago Nunes

Concept - Vinicius Miranda

Pixel Art - Anderson Moreira

Made withConstruct
Tags2D, GBJam, Pixel Art


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kinda broken but fun


Amazing contrast with the artwork so you know what the objects are without even their main color (such as leaves being black and able to identify it as a leaf even without green). This as well as the semi-nostalgia to Red Alert and being able to command a large amount. Amazing game, hope to see it be updated!


So hard to kill this bugs. They are killing all of my ants, doesn't matter how many i collect. Game is really cool though. Some storyline would make it perfect.

I'm working on a story, I think I'm going to put an area of damage, so the player will be able to avoid the damage. #NerfTheBugs xD


I defeated all the big ants. Nice ambientation and music.

Waiting next update.